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Perpetrators persist when protected by silence. Sharing your experience may:

  • Stop or prevent harassment.
  • Show others they’re not alone.
  • Help others to recognize harassment.
  • Prompt perpetrators to change their behavior.
  • Empower others to seek legal advice and recourse.
  • Offer support to the community of victims/survivors.
  • Raise awareness about harassment and discrimination in nonprofits.

If you work or volunteer for an animal rights or welfare organization, please consider taking both actions below—fill out the survey and also share your story using the Testimonial Form.

If you work or volunteer for a social justice nonprofit other than an animal rights or animal welfare organization, you are invited to use the Testimonial Form to share your story.

Survey: Animal Rights Nonprofit Workers

The purpose of this anonymous survey is to collect data on harassment and discrimination in the animal rights/animal welfare community. The survey is designed to shed light on the demographics of survivors, the types of leadership that may lead to harassment, and more. The results will be analyzed and published in an academic paper, with the goal of providing concrete data about harassment in animal rights/animal welfare nonprofits. The more details provided, the stronger the data, and the better those in the animal rights community can address these issues.

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Testimonial: all social justice nonprofit workers

Please share stories old and new, legal and illegal. Even if an incident wasn’t against the law,  perpetrators cause pain to individuals and damage organizations.

Please share first-hand accounts of what you directly witnessed or experienced. If you have a second-hand story, consider encouraging those directly involved to share their own story.

You may remove details to preserve your anonymity, or include them for research purposes. Your story won't be published unless you authorize it in the form below. If you do allow publication of your story in an academic paper and/or on this website, it may be edited for grammar and spelling, and the following identifying details will be removed to protect your anonymity.

  • Specific dates
  • Individual names
  • Organization names
  • Cities or states where the incident took place

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